Motivation 4 Talk Therapies

Emotional problems

NLP techniques provide new ways of dealing with emotional problems such as low self esteem, anxiety, lack of confidence, sleep deprivation, eating disorders, destructive relationship patterns (coping with a breakup), and are successful in effective bereavement counselling. Also helps promote weight loss, stop smoking and address addictive-behaviour patterns.

Fears and Phobias

Phobias such as irrational fear of spiders, heights, dogs, flying, escalators, water, lifts/elevators, etc can be overcome quickly and painlessly, there are many NLP phobia cures available depending on the subject and your personal circumstances. The same phobia cures are successfully used on fears, such as fear of failure, fear of public speaking, fear of examinations and fear of driving.
Increased performance

NLP can help improve performance, so making a good performance excellent and also improving the consistency of performance. It feels good to do well, and it feels VERY good to do well all the time. People perform at all levels, from the young school leaver who is searching for their niche in life to the professional athlete. We all enjoy that feeling of knowing our potential for success has improved and for some high achievers that improvement and inspiration is paramount to staying on top, reach their goals and achieve targets.


Healing for emotional and physical problems. Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple and effective form of meridian energy therapy. This technique works directly on the acupressure points for instant and immediate relief of emotional and stress related conditions.




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