PNI  from £40 per session

PNI - Psycho Neuro Immunology

 PNI - Psycho Neuro Immunology

It's Official!! Our bodies are truly amazing!! Have you ever wondered how often the cells in our bodies regenerate? Probably not something you would think consciously about, because this is all part of our autonomic nervous system and this is governed mainly by our subconscious. Did you know that our cells divide and renew at the following rate?

    Intestinal lining -  2 to 30 days
    Skin  - 21 to 30 day
    Red blood cells -  90 to 120 days
    The pancreas  - 5 to 12 months
    Muscles  - 6 months to 3 years
    Tissues  - 1 to 7 years
    Bones -  8 months to 4 years

Just imagine, within a few days to a few years you have the potential to build a whole new you!!

PNI - Psycho Neuro Immunology  - Overcoming Illness

Stress can be a major factor in poor regeneration of cells and hinder the immune system from functioning efficiently, to the point that we begin to experience the onset of major diseases such as heart problems, cancer, and our recovery rate becomes a major concern.

A healthy body possesses amazing healing potential especially when we are young and we hardly notice the continual regeneration process. However, recurrent insult and injuries can cause some cells to lose their ability to communicate and regenerate healthily. If poor regeneration or faulty instructions are allowed to become part of this cycle, the healing process slows down and the individual begins to experience a loss in vitality. 

 PNI - Psycho Neuro Immunology - Reprogramming and Maintaining Healthy Life and Living

PNI enables you to 'recalibrate' the body to heal itself. - PNI Can help with Chronic pain - Helps to heal injuries and helps to heal both emotionally and physically

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Our Psycho Neuro Immunology Service costs:

Psycho Neuro Immunology PNI from - £35 per session
 Combined PNI and EFT - from £40 per session
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any other combined PNI therapy has a minimum of £10 additional fee

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